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0030 – The Lord of the Rings – Bk1 – Ch08 – Fog on the Barrow-Downs

Concerning “Fog on the Barrow-Downs”, Book 1, Chapter 8 of The Lord of the Rings, in which the Barrow-wight attacks…

What is a Barrow-wight? Who are the men of Carn-Dûm? Is there any connection between them and the Black Riders? What’s up with Frodo’s latest mysterious dream? On this episode of The Tolkien Road, we discuss all this and more as we continue our discussion of The Lord of the Rings with Book 1, Chapter 8 of Fellowship, “Fog on the Barrow Downs.”

Topics of discussion include:

  • What is a barrow?
  • What is a barrow-wight?
  • Who are the men of Carn-dûm?
  • Saying goodbye to Goldberry.
  • How this chapter shows the vast ancient history of Middle-earth.
  • Frodo’s dream.
  • And much more!

Originally released: 8/3/2015.

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2 Responses

  1. For the crawling hand of the Barrow Wight, I think of The Mummy (1999) with the creeping mummy hand that’s been chopped from the reanimated priest.

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