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0048 – The Silmarillion – Ch17 – Of the Coming of Men Into the West

Concerning “Of the Coming of Men Into the West”, Chapter 17 of The Silmarillion…

Hey there fellow travelers! On this episode, we continue our discussion of The Silmarillion with Chapter 17, Of the Coming of Men into the West, wherein we learn of the origin of the Edain, also known as Men. Chapter 17 is the last bit of stage-setting before the pace really begins to pick up again. Enjoy the show!

  • Poems 1:30
  • The 3 Houses of Men 14:00
  • Finrod’s Music 18:30
  • The Darkness That Lies Behind 21:00
  • Green-Elves & Men = Unfriends 26:45
  • Finrod & Bëor 28:30
  • Edain/Atani/Men 29:45
  • Thingol & Melian’s Prophecy 32:00
  • Bereg’s Rebellion 34:15
  • Haleth and the Haladin 38:45
  • Beör’s Death 42:30

Originally released: 1/16/2016.

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