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0062 – The Lord of the Rings – Bk2 – Ch3 – The Ring Goes South

Concerning “The Ring Goes South”, from the forging of the Fellowship to the treachery of Caradhras…

Originally released: 5/12/2016.

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One Response

  1. One of the things I always mark in this chapter is the strength, pride & bravery of Boromir. When you compare this chapter with later ones, his fall is all the more tragic. He is the one to say they need to carry firewood, he is the one who tells Gandalf the hobbits are freezing, and he is the one who says to Aragorn we need to push our way through the chest high snow to clear a path back… and the returns twice more to carry a hobbit on his back.

    My other favorite thing is cheeky Legolas running on the snow as they all struggle.


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