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0076 – Akallabêth Pt1

Concerning “Akallabêth”, the chronicle of Númenór…

On this episode, we begin our look at “Akallabêth”, or “The Downfallen”, the story of Númenór’s rise and fall in the Second Age.

    • Josh Sosa on Jackson’s Fellowship… (3:00)
    • What “Akallabêth” means… (14:00)
    • The Waldman Letter on the Second Age (15:30)
    • Eärendil & the Edain (20:00)
    • The Downfall of Morgoth & the Raising of Númenór (23:00)
    • The Religion of Númenór (29:00)
    • The Ban (34:00)
    • The Escape from Death/Númenór’s Complaint (37:00)
    • Sauron Returns/The Shadow Awakens (48:00)
    • The Deeds of Ar-Pharazôn the Golden (49:00)
    • Sauron’s Surrender (51:00)
    • The Worship of the Lord of Darkness (55:00)
    • Haiku Time (1:02:45)

Originally released: 9/10/2016.

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One Response

  1. After hearing both sides about the films, I agree with both. There are some scenes in the movie that I feel could have been better. It’s hard to include all details from a book though without it being 5+ hours. Overall, Jackson did a good job. I also agree with Josh about the Balrog 🙂 It was a huge demonic creature with plenty of shadow and flame. I can imagine 20+ balrogs like that attacking in the silmarillion and it’s exactly what I would want them to look like. Could they be a little darker with more shadow? Sure. But if you recall, at first seen in the movie, the Balrog is darker and does not enhance its flames until at the bridge. So who’s to say that they could not control their appearance on command or for certain situations, and we just saw a small glimpse of that in the film. I mean, they are fallen Maia after all. These guys had serious dark powers. I think it’s worth considering. It’s all a matter of opinion anyways, and no matter how it was portrayed, someone will have an issue with the final product. I see where you are coming from, I’m just not one that was disappointed.


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