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0077 – Akallabêth Pt2

Continuing with “Akallabêth”, the chronicle of Númenór’s downfall…

Topics include:

    • Note from a Listener: more March 25th connections (2:30)
    • Sauron’s Assault Upon Nimloth the Fair (10:00)
    • The Worship of Melkor (13:00)
    • Ar-Pharazôn’s Unholy Crusade (29:30)
    • Amandil Goes West/Elendil Goes East (33:00)
    • Gathering Clouds (36:30)
    • The Assault Upon Aman (39:00)
    • The Great Chasm (41:00)
    • Elendil’s Escape & Sauron’s Fate (44:30)
    • Haiku (46:00)

Originally released: 9/17/2016.

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One Response

  1. The latter half of this story always spells out one thing when I read it… Pride. It is the root of all evil, and with it comes destruction . It shows the depravity of man and the weakness that comes through the flesh.

    Numenor is the perfect example of what occurred in the garden of Eden. You have bliss and paradise in the beginning, followed by discord through the serpent (sauron), coming to disregard the rightful authority and whisper lies. Wanting power and eternal life that is not within their rights is that downward spiral of arrogance and greed seen here.

    Ultimately it is their downfall and undoing. Eru intervenes and swallows Numenor up in the sea. This correlates to me of the fall of man and sin entering the world. Man is no longer allowed to stay in the garden because of their sin and can never have that perfect peace and balance again with God.

    Their pride was their own ruin. They had everything they needed/wanted. A gift freely given to men, but it wasn’t enough for them. You see this theme constant throughout The history of middle earth. Stories of sin, redemption, restoration, and sometimes ultimate destruction.


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