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0144 – The Hobbit – Ch01 – An Unexpected Party

Concerning “An Unexpected Party”, from Gandalf’s gamble to Dwarvish designs…

    • We’re Back! – 1:00
    • First Time I Read The Hobbit – 6:30
    • “In a Hole in the Ground…” – 11:00
    • Bilbo & Gandalf – 18:30
    • The Dwarves – 31:30
    • “Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold” – 46:00
    • Haiku Time – 1:01:00

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Originally released: 10/16/2018.

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One Response

  1. While listening to this my first podcast of yours, (referred by the One Ring guest appearance) (I thought I’d start at what was the very beginning of the lengendarium for me) — it occurs to me that the dwarves did Bilbo a huge favor — planned, perhaps?– by CLEARING almost ALL THE FOOD out of his house, so that nothing badly spoiled when he was gone for a year. So though he had his brekky (eggs were probably delivered fresh every day) he didn’t leave a lot of food to go bad…
    Just a thought.

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