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0160 – Concerning TOLKIEN (the film)

Concerning TOLKIEN (the biopic)…

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Having just viewed the new Tolkien biopic, we sat down to discuss some fresh, hot takes. MMMMMM…hot takes.

We chat about the nature of biopics, myths, historical accuracy, “magic” as a big mistake of the film, and accusations of anti-Catholicism. We also give our grades for the film!

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One Response

  1. I still believe that the best biopic films are the ones that are both historically accurate and enjoyable. As I said before there is too much fake history in our culture. And if the accusations about anti – Catholicism and anti – religion are unfounded, how is it that filmmakers are so selective (I mean inconsistent) when it comes to religion. If its a movie about a Muslim or Jews, or if it is The Da Vinci Code Hollywood takes advantage of that. But if it has anything to do with Christianity or real Catholicism, that is immediately thrown out the window. By the way, there is a new remake of The Name of The Rose that is being made. That sounds suspicious; more Catholic bashing.

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