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0161 – The Hobbit – Ch13 – Not At Home

Concerning “Not At Home”, from a dark descent to daylight on Dale…

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Topics discussed (chapter discussion begins at 15:00)…

  • Trapped!?
  • The darkness
  • Mounds of treasure / The Arkenstone
  • The dwarvish heart
  • Mithril
  • The Great Chamber of Thror
  • Haiku

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One Response

  1. The animation in “The Princess and The Pea” from 2002 was not computer animation, but it was very good. It was set in the Medieval or Renaissance periods. I don’t think cgi animation is right for The Hobbit. I think you should listen to The Tolkien Ensemble and Donald Swann’s song cycle., there is also Stephen Oliver’s music Also there is a new two – part documentary on Tolkien that will be on EWTN in July.


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