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0164 – The Hobbit – Ch16 – A Thief in the Night

Concerning “A Thief in the Night”, from Thorin’s threat to Bilbo’s burglary…

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Topics discussed (chapter discussion begins at 8:00)…

  • The Arkenstone and Thorin’s Threat
  • Roäc’s Warning
  • Bilbo’s Plan
  • Bilbo and Bombur
  • Bilbo and the Elves
  • What is Bilbo’s plan?
  • The Return of Gandalf
  • Haiku
  • Correspondence

Other items discussed…

John’s books…

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One Response

  1. Tolkien did not like cliff – hanger endings, and he wanted to tie up loose ends. That is why he wrote more chapters after the dragon’s death. Even traditional fairy stories and folk tales do not have cliff – hangers. It was not until The Hobbit was published that the idea of a sequel was suggested to him by the publishers. At first he didn’t see any need for more about hobbits, but then he decided to try it out. One more thing: Did you know that Tolkien translated several Catholic prayers into High Elvish (Quenya) and Old English? There is a website that has all the phrases, words, poems, songs, and more in all of the Tolkien languages including Old Gothic, Welsh and Finnish.

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