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0166 – The Hobbit – Ch18 – The Return Journey

Concerning “The Return Journey”, from grievous goodbyes to peak panoramas…

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Topics discussed (chapter discussion begins at 7:30)…

  • Bilbo Awakens
  • Thorin’s Death / Dwarf Eschatology
  • Eagles / Beorn
  • King Dain / Thorin Buried with Arkenstone
  • Happily Ever After / Goodbyes
  • The Journey Home Begins
  • Yuletide at Beorn’s
  • The Mountain Pass in Spring
  • Haiku
  • Correspondence

Other items discussed…

John’s books…

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One Response

  1. I really like the annotated edition of The Hobbit. The annotation that describes Gollum’s appearance is particularly helpful, and it is nice that The Quest of Erebor was finally published. I also have a special anniversary edition that has Tolkien’s original dust – jacket (it’s the same design that you have been showing.
    This is the saddest part in the book; I mean it is sad because the King dies before he is crowned, and he will never get to visit Bilbo in the Shire. What would have happened if Thorin had lived? Would Frodo have met him at the birthday party?


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