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0170 – Lord of the Rings TV: The Creative Team

On this episode, we discuss the recent video unveiling the creative team behind Amazon’s forthcoming Middle-earth TV show, discuss the career and work of each team member, and what this bunch might mean for the overall direction of the show.

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  • JD Payne & Patrick McKay (Showrunners)
  • Gennifer Hutchison (writer)
  • Helen Shang (writer)
  • Jason Cahill (writer)
  • Glenise Mullins (consulting writer)
  • Justin Doble (writer)
  • Brian Cogman (writer)
  • Stephany Folsom (writer)
  • JA Bayona (Director / Producer)
  • Belén Atienza (Executive Producer)
  • Bruce Richmond (Executive Producer)
  • Gene Kelly (Executive Producer)
  • Lindsey Weber (Executive Producer)
  • Ron Ames (Co-Producer)
  • Kate Hawley (Costume Designer)
  • Rich Heinrichs (Production Designer)
  • Jason Smith (Visual Effects Supervisor)
  • Tom Shippey (Tolkien Scholar) — Tolkien Estate retains power of veto
  • John Howe (Illustrator / Concept Artist)


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  1. Tom Shippey is OK, but he tends to be too scholarly sometimes to one extreme. While Birzer (Sanctifying Middle Earth, or whatever the tittle of that book is) leans towards another extreme; The Silmarillion is like The Old Testament and The Lord of the Rings is The New Testament. Joseph Pearce has the right balance even if he stretches things a little. Please do not make this into the history channel/national geographic meets Hollywood. Like The Ark of the Covenant was alien tech. and everything Tolkien wrote was based on Beowulf or on historical people??? I like John Howe’s art.

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