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0177 – LOTR TV / 2nd Age Deep Dive – Akallabêth Re-read Pt 1

Second Age Deep Dive – can’t get enough! 

Yes, we know, we’ve already read “Akallabêth” on this podcast, BUT why not read it again, especially in light of LOTR on Prime being focused on the Second Age! Lots of good stuff in this episode…

Topics of discussion…

  • “The lot of men was unhappy…”
  • “They did not escape the doom of death…”
  • Meneltarma » Pillar of Heaven » Hallowed to Eru Ilúvatar
  • Manwë did not want them to seek for immortality
  • “A shadow fell upon them…”
  • The dialogue of Manwë and the King
  • Men of Middle-earth laid under tribute by Númenor
  • “Thus the bliss of Westernesse was diminished…”
  • “The fear of death grew ever darker upon them…”

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