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0182 – Mathoms – 2020 Plans, Mailbag, LOTRonPrime News, and more!

Welcome to 2020! We discuss our future plans for the podcast, catch up on mail, and go over the latest LOTRonPrime news!

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One Response

  1. Just had a chance to listen. The holidays are so crazy. I don’t think there is a war on Christmas, rather a war on Advent. Christmas madness starts way too early.

    I have to respond to the person, young no doubt, who couldn’t see Luthian as she nears 60 dancing. We are in our mid sixties and still contra dance and English country dance. My wife is still graceful and lovely and a pleasure as a partner on the dance floor.

    I recently reread Leaf by Niggle. This time it struck me how much like Kafka the faceless bureaucracy is. The whole feeling of faceless, nameless forces enforcing rules in the town.

    I’ll second the suggestion to read John Garth’s Tolkien and the Great War. I’ve read lots of books about Tolkien and his works and it is one of the best. Another suggestion is Ring of Words : Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary. A third suggestion is A Tolkien Family Album. It has less information but is a touching and moving portrait by John and Priscilla Tolkien. Heartwarming. I hope I’m remembered with such affection after I’m gone.


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