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0195 – The Future of Middle-earth – 2020 Edition

It’s a fascinating time to be a fan of Middle-earth. As we wait in eager anticipation for the new Second Age TV series, the future of storytelling in Middle-earth seems wide open. Yet so much hangs in the balance! Will the show be a rousing success, everything we could want, or will it be a total flop? If it is successful, what does that mean for spinoffs and even future stories? Join us as we explore the future of Middle-earth!

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6 Responses

  1. There is one concern I have that is very serious. It has to do with “fan fiction'”, because the kind of stuff that people are putting up on the internet is an abuse of classic literature. I do not know the website, but whoever is behind this should be ashamed of themselves. These people are using even children’s books to make up so – called “fan fiction” and I can’t say what kind it is because this is a family friendly podcast. I am surprised that no one is doing anything to shut the website down: I only found this thing by accident. Making up new stories is fine, but please don’t abuse these works of fiction.

  2. P.S.
    When are you going to do some podcasts on the BBC radio dramatization of The Lord of the Rings from 1981? I can’t wait to hear your comments on that one. It’s not perfect, but there was potential. If only the dramatists had be allowed more on air time it would have turned out better than it did. The BBC radio drama had at least some advantages in its favor; the inclusion of events and characters that have too often been left out, a good cast, and a narrator. I personally wanted more of the narrator, he had the best part aside from the leading roles.

  3. As for future retelling in different mediums I’d love to see operas. The story of Feanor from the oath to his death. Or Fingolfin’s being left, crossing the ice and arriving at the rising of the Sun. Tuor’s journey from the sea to deliver the words of Ulmo to Turgon. So many grand sweeping stories would possible. The slaying of Glaurung and the aftermath, Turin’s whole story would be too long I think. Lots of rich material there just waiting for the right person to craft it.

    1. Interesting! I don’t know much about opera myself, but I think I’d vastly prefer that to the idea of a musical in the contemporary sense. At least I think there’s a significant difference, though I’m not well-versed in the stage or the theater…

  4. Regarding Opera, I recommend “The Ring” (Der Ring des Nibelungen) by Wagner. The scale and scope of the story is epic. It follows the struggles of gods, heroes, and several mythical creatures (dwarves, giants, etc) over the eponymous magic ring that grants domination over the entire world. The drama and intrigue continue through three generations of protagonists, until the final cataclysm at the end. I’ve always felt it was an obvious choice for Tolkien fans.

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