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0199 – Tolkien the Anarchist – Pt 2

“I must admit that I smiled a kind of sickly smile . . . when I heard of that bloodthirsty old murderer Josef Stalin inviting all nations to join a happy family of folks devoted to the abolition of tyranny & intolerance!” – Letter 53

We continue our exploration of Tolkien’s political views, this time with Letter 53 and Letter 77. Thoughts about Churchill, Stalin, America, Japan, the British Empire, and the Roman Empire. Oh yeah, AND “Leaf By Niggle” and Treebeard. Fascinating stuff!

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2 Responses

  1. The first video that I remember was titled Was Tolkien Catholic? The person who did the video immediately answered the question by saying “No, and here is why”. There was another one that was saying Tolkien, Lewis and the Inklings were free-masons. All the videos that I’ve seen were really about Fantasy literature, because everyone in these videos were objecting to the Fantasy genre. Anyone who writes in this genre is labeled as an occultist or a pagan; fantasy is evil, and anyone who writes this stuff must be evil, or they are involved with the occult, etc. One man who was criticizing The Return of the King stated that the “king” of the title is supposed to be the devil. I have no intentions of reading occult literature, but I have read and heard enough about it to distinguish between these two genres.

  2. this is really very funny: I have not been able to find any of these videos again. Maybe they have been removed from YouTube?😉 I originally found them just by looking up videos about Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I do not use YouTube directly anymore.

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