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0209 – LOTR – History of the Third Age – Part 7: 2942 – 3017

With Smaug vanquished, Erebor & Dale restored, and Dol Guldur abandoned, a new era of peace for Middle-earth seems to have arrived. However, loose ends abound, as Gollum begins his desperate search for the precious, and Sauron begins to execute his master plan to utterly destroy Gondor and unleash his cruel tyranny upon all of Middle-earth. Join us, as we continue our journey through the history of Middle-earth’s Third Age.


On this episode, we’re discussing the events spanning TA2942 – TA3017. With Erebor restored, things are looking up for the free peoples of Middle-earth for the first time in many years. Yet even with Sauron having abandoned Dol Guldur, he begins to execute his master plan to utterly destroy Gondor and unleash his cruel tyranny upon all of Middle-earth.

  • 2942: Sauron returns in secret to Mordor.
  • 2944: Bard rebuilds Dale and becomes King. Gollum begins search for the Ring.
  • 2948: Theoden born.
  • 2949: Gandalf and Balin visit Bilbo in the Shire?
  • 2950: Finduilas?
  • 2951: Sauron declares himself openly in Mordor. Dol Guldur taken by Nazgul. Aragorn and Arwen (we discussed this tale on ep138).
  • 2953: Last White Council meeting
  • 2954: Mount Doom bursts into flame
  • 2956: Aragorn and Gandalf meet.
  • 2957-80: Aragorn’s great journeys and errantries. Thorongil
  • 2968: Birth of Frodo.
  • 2976: Denethor weds Finduilas.
  • 2977: Bain son of Bard becomes King of Dale.
  • 2978: Birth of Boromir.
  • 2980: many events: Aragorn / Arwen, Gollum / Shelob, Théoden » King, birth of Sam
  • 2983: Faramir born
  • 2988: Finduilas dies young
  • 2989: Balin enter Moria
  • 2991: Eómer born
  • 2994: Balin perishes, and Moria dwarf-colony destroyed
  • 2995: Éowyn born
  • 3000: Saruman becomes ensnared by Sauron
  • 3001: Bilbo’s farewell feast, guard on the Shire is doubled. Beginning of LOTR.
  • 3002: Bilbo settles in Rivendell
  • 3004-3008: Gandalf visits Frodo regularly
  • 3007: Brand becomes King in Dale, death of Gilraen.
  • 3009-3017: Hunt for the Ring / Arwen’s return to Rivendell
  • 3017: Gollum is released from Mordor
  • April 3018: Journey of Frodo begins.

So that gets us to LOTR, which we assume, by now, you know the plot of. If you don’t, well, go read it, and listen to the episodes we did on it. Next time, we’ll take a look at the timeline events *after* LOTR.

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  1. Here is my response to all those conspiracy theorists who claim that Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were involved with the occult and witchcraft.
    The difference between Christian Adventure fantasy, and occult and witchcraft literature is like day and night. There is such a huge difference between the intentions and purposes of the former group of writers vs. the latter group. Tolkien and Lewis used Christian elements, themes, symbolism and allegory in their works. Like duh, the Ring is evil and has to be destroyed, and how can anyone not know that Aslan is Christ. These people need to learn how to distinguish between the Christian writers and the anti-Judeo-Christian writers, and do some serious research.
    What do other listeners of this Podcast think of these claims?

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