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0213 – LOTR on Prime – The Sexxxy Age???

Will LOTRonPrime jump the shark before it even begins? Are the rumors of nude casting calls and intimacy coordinators really true? We’re joined by Clifford Broadway of to discuss all that we know about Amazon’s Middle-earth TV show!

This episode is executive produced by Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien!


Hey there fellow travelers! We interrupt our scheduled programming for a very special episode of The Tolkien Road.

On the last episode, we told you about some very concerning news regarding Amazon’s LOTR on Prime production, specifically recent indications that Amazon might be planning to make their upcoming Second Age series much more Adult-themed than Tolkien or most devoted Tolkien fans would want. 

We also mentioned an article by Clifford Broadway (@Quickbeam2000) of Well, I enjoyed the article so much and I’m so concerned about the implications of this news that I decided to invite Clifford onto the show to discuss the news. 

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this interview, in its entirety. Clifford has been a leader in Tolkien fandom for a long time, and he brings some extremely valuable perspective to the discussion. 

Folks, we all want to see Amazon succeed in creating something worthy of Middle-earth. It’s my hope that this interview will help all of us find constructive ways to make our voices heard, so that the Lord of the Rings on Prime becomes something Tolkien himself would be proud of, and we as Tolkien fans can fully appreciate and support.

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