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0221 – The Project Northmoor Controversy

The recently announced Project Northmoor seeks to “save JRR Tolkien’s home and establish a literary centre.” While on first glance, the ambitious project seems promising for fans of Tolkien, The Tolkien Society recently raised significant objections to the project. Should Tolkien fans be enthusiastic about Project Northmoor, or should it be rejected by the larger community? Join us, as we explore the controversy surround Project Northmoor.

This episode is executive produced by Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien and Liis U!


On this episode we will be discussing the controversy surrounding Project Northmoor, the non-profit effort to “save J.R.R. Tolkien’s home and establish a literary centre.”

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The Project Northmoor Controversy


The stated objective of the Project is to “purchase the house and set up a literary center in honor of Tolkien, one of the most beloved literary writers of the Twentieth Century.” (


“The period house, which is an hour’s drive from London, is largely unchanged since it was built in 1924. It features six large bedrooms upstairs, one bedroom on the ground floor and a spacious garden. The Tolkien family moved there in 1930 and stayed there for 17 years, during which time JRR Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and where he also hosted C.S. Lewis.” (


“The aim is to buy it using crowdfunding to include Tolkien fans from around the world. The funding target is $6 million USD ($4.5m pounds), of which $5.3 million USD is to pay for the house. The remainder will go to the necessary renovations to comply with building regulations, start-up costs of the charity, with additional funds going towards developing the literary programs. The operation will be financially self-sustaining once established.” (


“As a charitable venture, the mission of Project Northmoor is to promote Tolkien’s work, allow a diverse range of fantasy writers and artists to come together to write, learn and create, and preserve the fascinating house for future generations to enjoy. The facility would also have an engaging online presence to bring into the house’s programme those who cannot travel to Oxford.” (


The project is spearheaded by Julia Golding, a British novelist best known for her Cat Royal series and The Companions Quartet.


“The Trustees of the Tolkien Society wish to make it clear to Society members, supporters and the public that it is not involved in, or affiliated with, Project Northmoor.” (


“As a leading Tolkien organisation, the Trustees considered whether Project Northmoor would help achieve the Society’s objective to educate the public in, and promote research into, the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The Trustees unanimously concluded that it did not.” (



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