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0223 – Lord of the Rings & Religion – Feedback

We’re discussing our listener feedback on our recent episodes “Lord of the Rings & Religion” and “Is Middle-earth Pagan?”

This episode is executive produced by Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien, Liis U, and Andrew T. 

0222 – Is Middle-earth Pagan?

0218 – Lord of the Rings & Religion

0057 – Concerning March 25th: Frodo’s Quest, the Annunciation, and the Crucifixion


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One Response

  1. Tom Shippey’s attitude is that to suggest Frodo is a Christ-figure or symbolic of Christ carrying the Cross is wrong and a mistake. Joseph Pearce on the other hand says that there are many Christ-like and Saint-like characters, including Frodo. As for Dark Shadows, all I will say about it is that it was a soap opera with a gothic/horror theme. P.S. I didn’t know that you listen to Jimmy Akin. I listen to The Secrets of Doctor Who and Star Trek Podcasts and sometimes Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World.

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