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0224 – Tolkien & Middle-earth in 2021

A look at what’s coming for the podcast and Tolkien fandom in 2021, from LOTRonPrime to The Nature of Middle-earth and more!

The executive producers of this episode are Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien, Liis U, and Andrew T. 


0195 – The Future of Middle-earth – 2020 Edition


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2 Responses

  1. Hello, Carswells,

    Long time listener, first time commenter, but it’s 2021 now and I’m fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions and actually praising people who are out there doing good work, good scholarship and entertaining me as the antipodes wanders every closer to going into another fear-inspired brush with isolation due to COVID-19. I’m only in the first paragraph and already I’m digressing…

    What I ove about the podcast is the marital banter that goes on. It’s nice to see Greta discoverng Tolkien as John explains things to her and to us – even those of who’ve been enmeshed in Tolkien since the 70’s can find something new in the podcast and for those of us who might want a really deep dive there’s Marilyn the Librarian’s correspondence. I particularly like the way that it’s not a well-rehearsed, down pat blat of information. It’s good to see John flipping pages and Greta finarfin’ around. Fun and funny, and the podcast got my Tuesdays off to a good start while we were trapped in durance vile here, what with all the pubs closed and having to walk around wearing masks, for good epidemiological reasons, I suppose, but still unpleasant. (And, if I recall correctly, Gondor was affected by a great plague, so all that rigmarole can be tied back to Tolkien.)

    Anyway, in regard to doing an annual viewing of The Lord of the Rings trilogy (or Middle Earth hexology), why do it at Christmas? Surely January 3rd is the day?? Yes, you put out a podcast on or about Prof. Tolkien’s birthday and nary an anniversarial word crossed your lips! Let me waggle a shaming index finger at you both 🙂

    A fabulous podcast, even if you miss the odd birthday or two.

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