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0241 – The History of Middle-earth – Vol. 8: The War of the Ring

On Episode 241, we are continuing our journey through The History of Middle-earth series as we survey volume 8, The War of the Ring, which is the third of 4 volumes dealing with the textual history of The Lord of the Rings.  

We discuss a different version of Helm’s Deep, Tolkien’s early sketches of Orthanc, how Sam Gamgee was almost Sam Goodchild, “Nice Guy” Denethor, whether Shelob and Ungoliant are actually the same, and more!





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4 Responses

  1. Trotter was originally a hobbit, but he kept the name Trotter until very late in the writing
    Totter? Trotter? Trotter Who. My take on Doctor Who.

    1. Hmmm…I’m going to have to ask my son about this. I am Dr. Who Illiterate, but he is a big fan!

      1. It is based on an in show joke that has been used since the very first episode from 1963. There is no question mark in the show’s tittle (all caps). But it has been used in various ways throughout the show’s history. In New WHO it has been used literally as a question, since the Doctor never tells anyone his real name (with maybe one exception). Within the DOCTOR WHO universe it is said to be the oldest question in the universe, “the question that must never be answered”. I never fully understood that last part.

  2. Only thing I know about Dr. Who is the series is incomplete and missing episodes; Book of Jasher style and his work phone booth work has nothing to do with his QB ratings.

    Any sports or games, other than golf, exist in Middle-Earth?

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