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0244 – The History of Middle-earth – Vol. 10: Morgoth’s Ring

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Oh snap, Morgoth has a RING???

On Episode 244, we continue our journey through The History of Middle-earth series as we examine volume 10, Morgoth’s Ring, which deals with Tolkien’s post-Lord of the Rings work on Valinorean legends.

Discover alternate versions of “Ainulindalë”, the marriage customs of the Elves, the length of time elapsed from the creation of Arda to the Hiding of Valinor, what exactly Morgoth’s “Ring” is, and more!


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3 Responses

  1. I just got your two books (Tolkien’s Requiem and Tolkien’s Overture) for my birthday and they’re great! Keep up the good podcasting!😀

  2. The reason elves did not remarry after the death of a spouse was because in time the deceased would have spent their time in the halls of Mandos and return. If their spouse had married during that time then they would have two wives or husbands. The case of Finwe and Miriel was unique because Miriel said she would never return. Finwe asked for and was granted special leave to remarry under these special unnatural circumstances. Maybe some of the tragedy that followed was due to this.

    I’m enjoying the overview of the HoME. Good idea. It reminds me of bits I haven’t read in too long.

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