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0245 – The History of Middle-earth – Vol. 11: The War of the Jewels

On episode 245, we continue our journey through The History of Middle-earth series as we survey volume 11, The War of the Jewels.


  • What is “The War of the Jewels”?
  • The Wanderings of Húrin
  • The early Tale of Years (for the First Age)
  • Ents and Eagles
  • Quendi and Eldar
  • and more!



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  1. “The oldest question in the universe. The question that must never be answered” turned out to be a trap for the Doctor. His own people the Time Lord’s were trying to come through a crack in the universe, and they wanted to make sure they were coming through the right one. So they had a truth field set up on a certain planet. Anyone within the truth field’s range would not be able to lie or speak falsely. The Doctor however, refused to answer the question because he knew that if the Time Lord’s came through another war between them and their enemies would break out. It was just one more thing that was added to the mystery of the character. But you are right John when you said that once the characters real name and identity is revealed that would ruin it. Like finding out Inspector Morris’s first name, and realizing why he never uses it.

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