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0253 – The Silmarillion: 3 Major Problems

In early July, I published an 8 minute video on our YouTube channel titled The Silmarillion: 3 Big Problems (and How to Fix Them).

For many Tolkien fans, even asserting that there are problems with a work like The Silmarillion might be considered borderline blasphemy. I might have even said the same thing several years ago!

However, after our survey of Unfinished Tales and The History of Middle-earth, I’m convinced that Christopher Tolkien himself came to view The Silmarillion as a flawed work.

In episode 253, Greta and I discuss these problems in depth. We also catch up on correspondence, with topics ranging from the Valar to the flame of Udun to feedback on our recent discussion with Carl Hostetter.


  • Andrew T
  • John R
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  • What We’re Criticizing » 4:43
  • Fix #1: Better Maps » 11:13
  • Fix #2: Narrative Style » 23:20
  • Fix #3: Timetables » 28:56
  • Mailbag » 33:35 



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