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0257 – Guilty Pleasures

On episode 257, we discuss:

  • The wisdom of Tolkien
  • Athrabeth / Estel
  • The Power of Enya
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • Tolkien Was Racist???
  • Praise for Tolkien’s Overture
  • and more!

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  • Andrew T
  • John R
  • Ms. Anonymous


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3 Responses

  1. All of this “Tolkien was racist” nonsense is driving me crazy. Now there are people who are claiming that he was woke. The truth is he was neither. Like duh, Tolkien was a devout Catholic Christian; do these people not know the meaning of the word “devout”! I am not trying to put the man on a pedestal, he did have faults, but to suggest that he was racist or that he was woke is just plain ignorance. I have also heard some say that he was a person of his time. What does that even mean? Whenever people say things like “I’m a person of my time” or, “this book is a product of its time” I want to shout “no, we are supposed to shape the culture and not be shaped by the culture”.

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