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0259 » Carl Hostetter » The Nature of Middle-earth » Theological and Metaphysical Themes

In episode 259, we sit down once again with Carl Hostetter, editor of the latest volume of JRR Tolkien’s writings, The Nature of Middle-earth.

We focus our attention on Appendix I: Metaphysical and Theological Themes.

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  • Andrew T
  • John R
  • Ms. Anonymous


  • How has the response been to The Nature of Middle-earth? » 3:38
  • What inspired this appendix on the “religious and Catholic” question? 9:50
  • Ages of the World » 13:19
  • Body (Hröa) and Spirit (Feä) » 21:50
  • Evil as Lack of Perfection » 24:20
  • Contingency of Existence » 32:35
  • Theistic Evolution » 40:53
  • Hylomorphism » 45:55
  • The Fall of Man, The Elves, and the Númenoreans (and Mary) » 52:50
  • Incorruptibility of Saints, Odour of Sanctity » 1:03:40
  • Marriage » 1:08:30
  • Christ’s Incarnation and Middle-earth » 1:12:25



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