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In episode 261, we’re discussing Tolkien’s ORIGINAL and far more detailed ending to The Silmarillion. We’re delighted to be joined once again by Keith Mathison.

read The Silmarillion – A Tale of Two Endings 

Two Trees of Valinor” artwork by kuliszu


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  • John R
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  • Redhawk


  • Christopher Tolkien’s dilemma » 3:20
  • A Tale of Two Endings? » 5:30
  • The published ending » 10:58
  • The other ending » The Second Prophecy of Mandos » 13:02
  • Why did Christopher go with the published version? » 18:40
  • 7 Reasons why the other version is better » 23:16 (Eucatastrophe, On Fairy-stories, The Waldman Letter, Tom Bombadil, Galadriel, Athrabeth, etc)



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  1. For all those who remember, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”. “Yes Shippey, there Is a Christ-figure in Tolkien”. So much for those who insist that Tolkien never intended to include a Christ/Messiah in his Legendarium.

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