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0272 » Silmarillion 2022 » Introduction, Contents, Map, Waldman Letter, and more!

So you want to read The Silmarillion, eh?

If you have any interest in Middle-earth, it’s only natural. Especially for those who have completed The Lord of the Rings (no small feat in and of itself), it’s the most logical next step.

In episode 272 of The Tolkien Road Podcast, we kick off our Silmarillion re-read that will span the better part of 2022. Over the next several months, we’ll be going chapter-by-chapter through Tolkien’s saga of Middle-earth First Age.

If you’re planning to watch LOTR on Prime, which premiers in September, this will be a great way to improve your knowledge of Middle-earth lore and history so that you can get the most out of that show.

So what are you waiting for? Join us!


  • John R
  • Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien


  • Quote of the Week » NO HOBBITS! » 4:15
  • The Challenge of The Silmarillion » 7:15
  • LOTR on Prime? » 11:30
  • Background of The Silmarillion » 13:15
  • Table of Contents » 17:50
  • The Stories (incl. “Akallabêth”) » 20:27
  • Silmarils? » 25:45
  • Foreword, Introduction (Waldman Letter) » 28:37
  • Themes of The Silmarillion (Fall, Mortality, Machine) » 33:30
  • Tables of Elves & Men, Note on Pronunciation, Index of Names » 45:06
  • The Map of Beleriand » 58:05
  • Haiku! » 1:01:23

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