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0289 » Of the Sindar » The Silmarillion 2022 Ch 10

In Chapter 10, the perspective shifts from the Blessed Realm to Beleriand, where it will remain for the rest of The Silmarillion. We jump back to where we left Beleriand – at the point when the Vanyar, Noldor, and Teleri all departed, leaving behind some of their brethren, who become known as the Sindar, and take the Teleri Lord Elwë as their King, and the Maia Melian as their Queen.

In Chapter 10, we’ll learn:

– Of the Sindar, the brethren of the Teleri that remained behind in Beleriand.
– Of the creation of Menegroth, the grand palace of the Sindarin King Thingol
– Of the coming of the Dwarves to Beleriand
– Of the Nandorin Elves
– Of the return of Melkor to Middle-earth and the first great battle of Beleriand
– And much more!


  • Kaitlyn of Tea with Tolkien
  • John R
  • Jacob Lockham


  • Timeline » YT1200 – YT1497 » 5:00
  • Of Thingol and the Sindar » 8:58
  • The Coming of the Dwarves & the Making of Menegroth » 11:28
  • The Coming of the Nandor (& Denethor) » 28:20
  • The Return of Melkor & Ungoliant’s Domain » 33:58
  • The First Battle of Beleriand & the Girdle of Melian » 39:55
  • Haiku » 48:30



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Julia, Rebecca R, Jonathan D, Ty M

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