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0316 » Wrestling With The Rings Of Power

In this episode, we will be looking back on The Rings of Power season 1, and most importantly, discussing some of the in-depth feedback we’ve received along the way!


  • Kaitlyn of Tea with Tolkien
  • John R
  • Jacob Lockham
  • John H
  • Scotchy Bobo
  • Eru27


from Letter 201 (1957):

You will receive on Monday the copy of the ‘Story Line’ or synopsis of the proposed film version of The Lord of the Rings. I could not get it off yesterday. . . . . An abridgement by selection with some good picture-work would be pleasant, & perhaps worth a good deal in publicity; but the present script is rather a compression with resultant over-crowding and confusion, blurring of climaxes, and general degradation: a pull-back towards more conventional ‘fairy-stories’. People gallop about on Eagles at the least provocation; Lórien becomes a fairy-castle with ‘delicate minarets’, and all that sort of thing.



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5 Responses

  1. You guys should do two episodes on comparing the Mind’s Eye radio dramatization of The Lord of the Rings Vs. the BBC radio dramatization. That would be fun and very interesting. I am curious to hear Greta’s reactions to the voice acting, and which of these two radio dramas would she prefer to listen to again. I will say this though, the BBC should have done what the Mind’s Eye did but with better production quality and a better cast.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and acknowledge my opinion! I apologize to both of you for any potential hurt I may have caused. My goal wasn’t to change anyone’s minds, but to simply share my own thoughts and feelings about the subject. Though courtesy and respectfulness certainly should have been more present in my comment. For that I am sorry. No one should be forced to love something they don’t. Glad you won’t have to spend any more hours putting up with downer Galadriel! LOL!! Keep up the good work guys!

    1. No worries! We truly appreciate the correspondence. We have pretty strong feelings about the show, but don’t want that to cast a shadow over our fellowship with other sincere Tolkien fans who come with kindness, yourself included. Big believer in disagreements that still allow us to “come and reason together”…iron sharpening iron and all that!

  3. The Mind’s Eye was a radio drama series from NPR. You can listen to their production of The Lord of the Rings for free via internet videos or the internet archive. And you can also listen to the BBC radio drama the same way. The NPR Mind’s Eye version is more like a dramatic reading radio drama, with a small cast and poor quality sound effects and music. I recommend listening to this one first before the BBC one.

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