0016 – Talking Tolkien is now The Tolkien Road!

Talking Tolkien is now The Tolkien Road podcast. On this episode, Greta and I discuss the reasons behind the name change as well as what the future will hold. The Road goes ever on! Originally released: 4/26/2015. Talking Tolkien is now known as The Tolkien Road. If you like The Tolkien Road, you can support us for only […]

0014 – Mythopoeia – Tolkien’s Poem for C.S. Lewis

Tolkien addresses his philosophy-poem “Mythopoeia” to C.S. Lewis, who said that myths were “lies breathed through silver.” In this episode, we discuss the meaning of “Mythopoeia” and how it serves as a sort of spiritual and creative manifesto for Tolkien. Plus, Greta comes up with some killer haikus on the fly. Originally released: 4/11/2015. Talking Tolkien is […]