0078 – Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age – Pt1

The Silmarillion book cover

Concerning “Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age, from the found of Lindon to the Last Alliance of Men and Elves… Correspondence, etc (1:30) First Age and Akallabêth recap (12:30) Lindon, Gil-Galad, and Elrond (20:00) Sauron, Lord of the Gifts (22:30) The Forging of the Rings (25:30) Men = Easy to Ensnare (29:00) […]

0077 – Akallabêth Pt2

The Silmarillion book cover

Continuing with “Akallabêth”, the chronicle of Númenór’s downfall… Topics include: Note from a Listener: more March 25th connections (2:30) Sauron’s Assault Upon Nimloth the Fair (10:00) The Worship of Melkor (13:00) Ar-Pharazôn’s Unholy Crusade (29:30) Amandil Goes West/Elendil Goes East (33:00) Gathering Clouds (36:30) The Assault Upon Aman (39:00) The Great Chasm (41:00) Elendil’s Escape & […]

0076 – Akallabêth Pt1

The Silmarillion book cover

Concerning “Akallabêth”, the chronicle of Númenór… On this episode, we begin our look at “Akallabêth”, or “The Downfallen”, the story of Númenór’s rise and fall in the Second Age. Josh Sosa on Jackson’s Fellowship… (3:00) What “Akallabêth” means… (14:00) The Waldman Letter on the Second Age (15:30) Eärendil & the Edain (20:00) The Downfall of […]

0075 – Concerning Galadriel

Concerning Galadriel, from her name to her hair to the reasons behind her exile… Her Name – 14:00 Her Lineage – 18:00 Her Exile – 24:30 A Penitent? – 32:00 Originally released: 9/3/2016. Talking Tolkien is now known as The Tolkien Road. If you like The Tolkien Road, you can support us for only $1 per episode via Patreon!