0155 – The Hobbit – Ch09 – Barrels Out of Bond

The Hobbit book cover

Concerning “Barrels Out of Bond”, from Elvish ensnarement to Bilbo’s boldness… Book discussion begins at 15:55 in the episode. Topics discussed… The Wood-Elves Bilbo’s use of the Ring The Elvenking’s palace Mr. Baggins, alone and unaided… Bilbo and Beren Wine solves all problems Dorwinion – where is it? Barrels or nothing new Tolkien (the film) […]

LOTR on Amazon = Numenor and the Second Age!!!

On this special episode of The Tolkien Road, we discuss the big news from the @LOTRonPrime Twitter account this past week, and what it means for the future of the show. You can watch the video of this show on our Facebook page: Here’s the LOTR on Prime map: For more on this episode and […]

0154 – The Hobbit – Ch08 – Flies and Spiders

The Hobbit book cover

Concerning “Flies and Spiders”, from enchanting streams to enormous spiders… Topics discussed… @LOTRonPrime Update (Amazon TV Show) The Forest The Boat The Wood-Elves Above the Trees Spider attack! Thorin??? Haiku Correspondence For more on this episode and The Tolkien Road podcast, please visit TolkienRoad.com or Facebook.com/TolkienRoad. Also, follow us on Twitter via @TolkienRoad. Please send […]