0181 – A Long Expected Mailbag

Is it still October??? Sorry about the delay… On this episode, we catch up on listener mail with some amazing topics, including: The Song of Gil-galad Kalevala and Kullervo Correct pronuncifications Dunlanders & Rohirrim The merits and demerits of Peter Jackson’s films LOTR Card Game LOTR Card Talk Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-QcL_YcA_DQKe7bSe9byA And more!!! If you like The Tolkien […]

“Leaf By Niggle” with Bellator Colloquium Podcast

Hey there fellow travelers! I was honored recently to be a guest on The Bellator Colloquium podcast, where we discussed Tolkien’s incredible short story “Leaf By Niggle”. We talked about Leaf back in 2015 on the podcast, but honestly, my understanding of this story has expanded and deepened so much since then. So here’s a sample […]