0214 – Unfinished Tales – The Disaster of the Gladden Fields – Pt 1

In the annals of Middle-earth, it is well-known that Isildur, High King of Arnor and Gondor, failed to destroy the One Ring when he had the chance, instead preserving it as a keepsake and an heirloom. Yet how did he come to lose the Ring? What evil circumstances conspired against him? Join us, as we […]

0213 – LOTR on Prime – The Sexxxy Age???

Will LOTRonPrime jump the shark before it even begins? Are the rumors of nude casting calls and intimacy coordinators really true? We’re joined by Clifford Broadway of TheOneRing.net to discuss all that we know about Amazon’s Middle-earth TV show! This episode is executive produced by Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien! EPISODE OUTLINE Hey there fellow travelers! […]

0212 – The Dawn of Númenor

With the end of the First Age, Númenor – the land of gift – is granted to the group of Men that had aided the Elves of Beleriand in their great struggle against Morgoth. Who were these Men? What was their relationship to other groups of Men? What gifts were bestowed upon them by the […]

0211 – The White Trees of Gondor

white tree of gondor shield blason Kaiser 16

In the history of Númenor and its descendant culture Gondor, a lineage of iconic White Trees stands as the symbolic and spiritual center of Númenorean culture. How many of these Trees were there? Where did they come from? And what was their significance? Join us as we explore the history of the White Trees of […]