Episode 232 Delayed

Hey there fellow travelers! Episode 232 is delayed while we attend to a personal matter. We shall return as soon as we are able!

0224 – Tolkien & Middle-earth in 2021

A look at what’s coming for the podcast and Tolkien fandom in 2021, from LOTRonPrime to The Nature of Middle-earth and more! The executive producers of this episode are Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien, Liis U, and Andrew T.  RELATED EPISODES 0195 – The Future of Middle-earth – 2020 Edition PATREON Please patronize the Tolkien […]

0222 – Is Middle-earth Pagan?

"Ainulindalë" by kuliszu

From the very beginning of its history, it is clear that Middle-earth is brimming with great spiritual powers. From the kingship of Manwë to the Elvish love of Elbereth, Tolkien constructs a world where god-like figures seem to govern its affairs. Was Tolkien promoting a pagan religious outlook? Does his construction of Middle-earth betray his […]

0221 – The Project Northmoor Controversy

project northmoor

The recently announced Project Northmoor seeks to “save JRR Tolkien’s home and establish a literary centre.” While on first glance, the ambitious project seems promising for fans of Tolkien, The Tolkien Society recently raised significant objections to the project. Should Tolkien fans be enthusiastic about Project Northmoor, or should it be rejected by the larger […]

VIDEO: Tolkien vs the Nazis

tolkien vs the nazis video

Have you ever heard somebody accuse Tolkien of being racist or anti-semitic? Maybe you’ve even heard someone claim that Tolkien was a Nazi-sympathizer? Is there any truth to these claims? Are Tolkien’s works some kind of trojan horse for abhorrent and despicable ideas about race? NOT A CHANCE! In my latest video, we take a […]

0211 – The White Trees of Gondor

white tree of gondor shield blason Kaiser 16

In the history of Númenor and its descendant culture Gondor, a lineage of iconic White Trees stands as the symbolic and spiritual center of Númenorean culture. How many of these Trees were there? Where did they come from? And what was their significance? Join us as we explore the history of the White Trees of […]

0200 – What We’ve Learned from Tolkien (So Far)

“What we’ve learned is that we haven’t actually learned what we thought we learned…” – GRETA Enjoy this episode? Leave us a tip to show your appreciation! 200th episode! Thank you for helping us make it to this milestone! We take a victory lap of sorts, and reflect on some of the major life-level lessons […]

0189 – The Tolkienian Spirit in a Time of Crisis

As fans of Tolkien, what part do we have to play in the Coronavirus pandemic crisis? Greta and John discuss in this live stream originally broadcast from our Facebook page. For more on this episode and The Tolkien Road podcast, please visit TolkienRoad.com or Facebook.com/TolkienRoad. Also, follow us on Twitter via @TolkienRoad.

Greta & John on the Card Talk Podcast!

Tolkien Road Podcast Card talk Podcast Lord of the Rings the Card Game

Hey there Tolkien Road listeners! Recently, we were guests on Card Talk, a podcast completely focused on Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. We had a blast, and we think this is a podcast you should definitely be following, so we figured we’d share it on our feed to help spread the word. Enjoy […]

0182 – Mathoms – 2020 Plans, Mailbag, LOTRonPrime News, and more!

Welcome to 2020! We discuss our future plans for the podcast, catch up on mail, and go over the latest LOTRonPrime news! If you like The Tolkien Road, you can support us for only $1 per episode via Patreon! For more on this episode and The Tolkien Road podcast, please visit TolkienRoad.com or Facebook.com/TolkienRoad. Also, follow us on Twitter via @TolkienRoad.