0223 – Lord of the Rings & Religion – Feedback

jrr tolkien with pipe

We’re discussing our listener feedback on our recent episodes “Lord of the Rings & Religion” and “Is Middle-earth Pagan?” This episode is executive produced by Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien, Liis U, and Andrew T.  0222 – Is Middle-earth Pagan? 0218 – Lord of the Rings & Religion 0057 – Concerning March 25th: Frodo’s Quest, the […]

0218 – Lord of the Rings & Religion

What role does religion play in the universe of Middle-earth? What importance do Tolkien’s own religious beliefs have for informing our understanding of the world he created? Indeed, does one have to appreciate Tolkien’s own religious beliefs in order to fully appreciate his stories? Join us, as we begin our exploration of The Lord of […]

0197 – 6 Spiritual Insights from Tolkien That Will Change Your Life

Unfortunately we had to postpone our episode with Pints With Jack’s David Bates (go check that out for some CS Lewis goodness). We’ll get back to that real soon! Instead, you get our discussion of 6 Spiritual Insight From Tolkien That Will Change Your Life! Don’t forget to head on over to TolkienRoad.com/Spirit to download the PDF 6 Spiritual Insights From […]

All Tales May Come True

Due to extreme technical difficulties, Episode 179 is delayed by a week. However, I wanted to share with you a sample of my audio-essay “All Tales May Come True”. The full audio-essay and PDF are available to our patrons at Patreon.com/TolkienRoad. Also, as mentioned on the last episode, for the month of October 2019, the first 5 […]

0160 – Concerning TOLKIEN (the film)

Concerning TOLKIEN (the biopic)… If you like The Tolkien Road, you can support us for only $1 per episode via Patreon! Having just viewed the new Tolkien biopic, we sat down to discuss some fresh, hot takes. MMMMMM…hot takes. We chat about the nature of biopics, myths, historical accuracy, “magic” as a big mistake of the film, […]

0140 – The Passion of Frodo (Letter 246)

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