0199 – Tolkien the Anarchist – Pt 2

“I must admit that I smiled a kind of sickly smile . . . when I heard of that bloodthirsty old murderer Josef Stalin inviting all nations to join a happy family of folks devoted to the abolition of tyranny & intolerance!” – Letter 53 We continue our exploration of Tolkien’s political views, this time […]

0198 – Tolkien the Anarchist – Pt 1

“My political opinions lean more and more to Anarchy…” – Tolkien Though not a particularly political person, Tolkien expressed some very interesting political views in some of his letters. Beginning with Episode 198, we will explore Tolkien’s expressed political ideology, including what he meant by describing himself as an anarchist. Please patronize us: https://patreon.com/tolkienroad For more […]

0196 – Tolkien vs the Nazis

Tolkien lived in one of the greatest periods of upheaval, strife, and societal change in human history: from 1914 through 1945, the world seemed to be on fire both literally and ideologically. It was just a few years before the publication of The Hobbit that the Nazi regime came to power in Germany. It was also during […]

0184 – In Memoriam: Christopher Tolkien (1924 – 2020)

Christopher Tolkien, youngest son of JRR Tolkien, passed away on January 15th, 2020. On this episode, we pay tribute to Christopher and the indispensable role he played in securing and expanding the literary legacy of his father. 

All Tales May Come True

Due to extreme technical difficulties, Episode 179 is delayed by a week. However, I wanted to share with you a sample of my audio-essay “All Tales May Come True”. The full audio-essay and PDF are available to our patrons at Patreon.com/TolkienRoad. Also, as mentioned on the last episode, for the month of October 2019, the first 5 […]

0171 – Tolkien on the Meaning of LIfe

Concerning Tolkien’s surprising insights on the meaning of life… If you like The Tolkien Road, you can support us for only $1 per episode via Patreon! On this week’s episode, we take a close look at Tolkien’s 1969 letter to Camilla Unwin (granddaughter of the original Hobbit publisher) on “the purpose of life”. This is Letter 310. His […]

0140 – The Passion of Frodo (Letter 246)

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0126 – Tolkien, Miracles, and the Way Things Really Work

What was Tolkien’s view on miraculous events? What did he believe about the supernatural realm of our own reality? On this episode, we explore Tolkien’s Letter 89, written to his son Christopher during World War II. It’s a letter that reveals Tolkien’s deepest beliefs about reality and the way it truly operates. From guardian angels […]

0041 – Tolkien’s Letters – Letter 250 – Concerning Tolkien’s Faith

The Silmarillion book cover

Hey there fellow travelers! Welcome to The Tolkien Road, a long walk through the works and philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien.  On this episode, we begin a discussion of Tolkien’s Letters by considering a 1963 letter he wrote to his son Michael. In this letter, Tolkien seeks to help Michael work through a period where he […]