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0260 » The Fool’s Hope » Gandalf and Pippin in Minas Tirith

In episode 260, we discuss Gandalf’s famous characterization of Frodo’s quest: “a fool’s hope”. Why did he say that? Why is it significant he was saying that to Pippin? What is the broader significance of that line for the work and for Middle-earth (and our reality) in general?


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  • Andrew T
  • John R
  • Ms. Anonymous
  • Redhawk


  • The Passage » 4:22
  • “The starless blackness” and the Shadow » 9:35
  • “Fool of a Took!” » 10:30
  • Cirith Ungol: Why would he go THAT way? » St. Paul and the Fool’s Hope » 16:05
  • The role of hobbits in Gandalf’s life and mission » 21:12
  • Is Nature of Middle-earth good for someone who hasn’t read The History of Middle-earth? » 24:40
  • Understanding Catholicism Through Tolkien & Conversion » 26:30
  • Shakespeare & Tolkien » 27:28
  • The Ride of the Rohirrim and Speeding » 30:00
  • Eru’s Will? » 33:20
  • Gandalf’s Appearance and Tolkien’s Care Factor » 42:50



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