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The Silmarillion

Conversations from Valinor to Angband and Beyond

The Silmarillion Podcast Episodes

Here’s where it all began! Since 2015, we’ve recorded over 30 hours and episodes of chapter-by-chapter discussion on The Silmarillion. Below you’ll find a sequential list of those episodes.

Beleriand Realms by Sirielle

The Tolkien Road Episode 1 The Silmarillion Introduction Waldman Letter

0001 – The Silmarillion – Introduction

On the first episode of the Talking Tolkien podcast, co-hosts John & Greta Carswell take a close look at the Waldman letter, in which Tolkien explained the broad sweep of the Middle-earth legendarium to a potential publisher: a great starting point for understanding The SIlmarillion!

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The Tolkien Road Episode 2 The Silmarillion Ainulindalë discussion

0002 – The Silmarillion – Ainulindalë

On the second episode The Tolkien Road podcast, co-hosts John & Greta Carswell examine Ainulindalë, the Middle-earth creation story! This is the first section of The Silmarillion, and it will blow your mind to learn to just how the world of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings came to be!

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The Silmarillion book cover

0076 – Akallabêth Pt1

Concerning “Akallabêth”, the chronicle of Númenór… On this episode, we begin our look at “Akallabêth”, or “The Downfallen”, the story of Númenór’s rise and fall

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The Silmarillion book cover

0077 – Akallabêth Pt2

Continuing with “Akallabêth”, the chronicle of Númenór’s downfall… Topics include: Note from a Listener: more March 25th connections (2:30) Sauron’s Assault Upon Nimloth the Fair (10:00)

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Akallabêth 2021 episode 249 of The Tolkien Road podcast

0249 – Akallabêth 2021

In what may become an annual tradition, we re-visit The Silmarillion‘s “Akallabêth”, Tolkien’s account of the rise and fall of Númenor. And this time around, Greta

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