The Tolkien Road

A podcast about Middle-earth and all things Tolkien.


We’re all about helping folks get to know Tolkien’s works better. Here’s a list of some resources that will hopefully be a big help to you as you explore Middle-earth!


Here are some books we’d recommend…

Tolkien’s Overture: Concerning the Music of the Ainur
This book is an exploration of “Ainulindalë”, the creation story of Middle-earth.

Tolkien’s Requiem: Concerning Beren and Lúthien
An unpacking of the major themes of The Silmarillion through the lens of the great story of Beren and Lúthien, which also happens to be one of Tolkien’s most personally significant stories.


Here are some websites we’d recommend… A free chapter-by-chapter guide to The Silmarillion. An online encyclopedia for all things Tolkien! Can’t beat that…