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Who is Tolkien’s Greatest Villain? (video)

Who is “the greatest villain to ever flow from Tolkien’s pen”? Amazon inadvertently raised the question recently with the official synopsis for their upcoming LOTRonPrime TV series. In this video, I’ll give you the truth!

“Numenor” by SarkaSkorpikova:
“Valar – Melkor” by kuliszu:
“The Discord of Melkor” by kuliszu:
“Morgoth with Silmarili concept” by Sirielle:

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  1. Glaurung was a pretty vile character considering his final exchange with Nienor during The Children of Hurin. For my cash he’s probably the worst and probably The Witch King of Angmar aka the Lord of the Nazgul would be at the height of my lists.

    Even though the Bible had over 40 authors and is a collection of 73 books and spanned 1,500 years it feels like we’re debating the diciness of Judas to Cain or Pharaoh to Haman or even the Herods.

    Copious amounts of respect and love and warmest wishes in Mashiach Yeshua aka Christ Jesus.

    Love the show.

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